Wheelchair Accidents

wheelchair accidents

Maryland nursing home accidents are all too common for residents of long-term care facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. A nursing home resident was injured severely while in a wheelchair and their attorneys filed a civil suit against the nursing home. The wheelchair accident allegedly resulted in a woman’s leg being amputated and ultimately leading to her death. In that case, an attendant was pushing the wheelchair when the woman’s left foot was caught under one of the wheels. The lawsuit claimed that the resident was dragged underneath the chair which broke her left leg. Later the fracture was so severe that it led to an amputation above the knee. Because of the resident’s inability to be more active, she later developed bedsores, which was responsible for her untimely death. If a loved one has suffered an injury in a wheelchair accident, or any type of long term care facility In Maryland please connect with our Maryland injury attorneys handling wheelchair accidents.

Maryland wheelchair accidents occur because of inattention by attendants, improper foot rests, choosing not to train nursing home personnel on how to roll residents in a wheelchair or by allowing wheelchairs without footrests to be used.

Many of the injuries caused by individuals using wheelchairs at nursing home facilities are caused by falls from the wheelchair or by tipping over the wheelchair. Most of the injuries related to wheelchair accidents cause bone fractures, cuts, lacerations and contusions.

Wheelchair accidents and injuries affect the elderly the most. Wheelchair accidents can happen at medical institutions, rehabilitation facilities and for the most part, at many of Illinois’ nursing homes.

Needlessly, thousands of individuals are injured or even killed because of negligence related to wheelchair accidents. Most of the reported cases of wheelchair injuries are caused by a form of negligence on the part of a medical or nursing home employee. Nursing homes and medical facilities have a duty and responsibility to insure the safety of residents and patients who are confined to wheelchairs.

Causes of wheelchair accidents are most often in transferring a patient from a wheelchair or when a wheelchair is not locked in place by a nursing home staff person or a resident develops pressure sores from sitting too long in a wheelchair.

In every situation where a patient is being discharged from a hospital or nursing home, most facilities require the use of a wheelchair. Medical transportation companies are often responsible for taking the patient from a facility and transporting them to another. Many times nursing home residents are transferred by transportation companies in wheelchairs for medical examinations, an x-ray or an MRI. When the resident is placed on a van or other mobile transportation vehicle, a sudden stop or an unsteady ramp can lead to unnecessary injuries to nursing home residents and patients.

So many wheelchair injuries and accidents are preventable. Most important in preventing nursing home injuries are well-trained personnel. This includes transporting by wheelchair residents and patients. It is imperative that nursing home personnel are trained in the proper methods of transporting nursing home residents by wheelchair. The practice of training would include how to move a patient from a bed to a wheelchair, how to lock the wheelchair wheels so that they do not move on placing a person in the wheelchair and also how best not to allow for tipping or spilling of a patient from a wheelchair itself. All of these safety factors are recommended to prevent wheelchair injuries.

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