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towson maryland elder abuse lawyers

The city of Towson, Maryland, located in Baltimore County, is home to more than one dozen nursing homes, assisted living homes, adult daycares, group homes and long term care facilities. As these places are designed to help aging family members, siblings and parents it is assumed that the level of care and treatment they receive is top notch. That is not always the case and elder abuse happens more often than one would fathom. If you think or suspect that a relative is being abused in any way contact our Towson Maryland elder abuse lawyers immediately.

Our team of Towson Maryland elder law lawyers are here to get justice, benefits, medical care and compensation your loved one suffered while in a Towson convalescent home. We offer complimentary case reviews and serve all of Maryland. We charge no fees unless we recover on behalf of you and your family.

Towson Maryland Nursing Homes

Maryland has more than 250 nursing homes and 11 of them are in the Towson, Maryland city limits. They are both large and small, private and government funded and some are headquartered in Maryland and some are not. Some have long histories of hiring subpar employees, too few employees, employees with criminal records and these hiring choices can ultimately lead to your loved one being abused, injured and in some case your loved one can lose their life due to nursing home malpractice. Nursing Homes in Towson are:

ManorCare Health Services Towson, ManorCare Health Services Ruxton, Blakehurst Nursing Home, Edenwald Nursing Home, Pickersgill Retirement Community, Gilcrest Nursing Home, Presbyterian Home of Maryland, Orchard Hill Nursing Home Multi-Medical Center, GBMC Subacute Unit 54 and Holly Hill Nursing Home & Rehab Center. If your loved one has been injured at any of these long term care facilities, or anywhere in MD let our Towson Maryland nursing home injury lawyers help you.

Types & Forms Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is an umbrella term for any type of injuries your loved one suffers. It is synonymous with nursing home abuse, assisted living home neglect, nursing home sexual abuse, financial abuse and manipulation, Alzheimer’s abuse and nursing home wrongful death. As Maryland elder abuse laws and laws protecting the elderly in nursing homes are very strict your loved one, as well as certain family members, may be entitled to benefits and compensation for their injuries, pain & suffering, scarring and medical care. Let our Towson Maryland elder abuse lawyers fight to protect the rights of your loved ones.

Injuries Seen In Maryland Elder Abuse Cases

Elder abuse can take many forms and the injuries seen are consistent with the type of abuse, neglect, malpractice, etc. that caused the injuries. Some of the more common physical injuries seen in MD elder law injury cases are broken bones, burns, sexual assault, joint and ligament injuries, emotional trauma, psychological trauma, mental injuries such as anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, head injuries, brain injuries and wrongful death. Regardless of how the injuries occurred our Towson Maryland elder abuse lawyers will hold the nursing home, their parent company and any other liable parties accountable for the hurt, pain and injuries they caused your loved one.

Financial abuse, also called financial exploitation, is a very common form of elder abuse that has nothing to do with physical injuries. It has to do with your loved one being taken advantage of financially and signing their lives, and savings, away to someone who knows they are experiencing cognitive issues such as dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Sadly, the people who do this are often family members and or caretakers at the nursing home where your relative resides.

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