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Nursing Home Malpractice

Maryland Nursing Home Malpractice Laws

nursing home malpractice

Nursing home malpractice is an umbrella term used commonly to refer to any type of nursing home abuse, neglect, injury or wrongful death case. If a loved one has been the victim of nursing home malpractice anywhere in Maryland they may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. You need the aid of our Maryland nursing home malpractice lawyers. They are incredibly familiar with all Maryland nursing home malpractice laws as well as federal nursing home regulations, laws re: Medicaid, Medicare and the Nursing Home Reform Act.

Connect with our team of highly skilled Towson, Maryland nursing home abuse attorneys. We handle all types of Maryland nursing home injury claims in all of Maryland. Our legal team will identify all liable parties and get your family the benefits and compensation they are entitled to.

What Causes Nursing Home Malpractice

There are many factors that can go into your loved one being the victim of nursing home malpractice. Many Maryland nursing homes are understaffed and the pay is not great. This can lead to an overwhelming caseload as well as resentment as the work can be thankless and nursing home employees are barely getting by.

Another factor is poor management which may come back to low pay and a huge workload. Also, having inadequately trained staff members can lead to accidents, injury, abuse, neglect and wrongful death in Maryland assisted living homes and nursing homes. Other causes and reasons for nursing home malpractice is medical malpractice, medication errors and injuries while transporting a patient. As there always seems to be a shortage of nursing home employees criminal background checks and pre-employment drug screening not being done properly can ultimately lead to nursing home malpractice.

Benefits In Maryland Nursing Home Neglect Cases

As nursing homes are filled with older patients most do not suffer any lost wages when injured in a nursing home. The family members can suffer financial strain in the form of lost wages if the nursing home lawsuit causes them to miss substantial time at work.

Common benefits are emotional stress, mental strain, physical pain and psychological suffering. In addition, any additional health issues or medical care that was warranted due to the accident, injury or malpractice.

In the unfortunate event that you lost a loved one due to nursing home malpractice death benefits, funeral benefits and survival benefits can possibly be obtained by the victims family. Our Annapolis, Maryland nursing home malpractice lawyers will ensure that you get every possible form of benefits, care and compensation.

MD Nursing Home Malpractice Statute Of Limitations

The state of Maryland allows for a 3 year window to file a civil lawsuit against an assisted living home, nursing home or long term care facility. This date applies to the date of injury and or date of death but you should wait nowhere near that long. Nursing home abuse, injury, malpractice, neglect and death cases are very complex and many nursing homes have layers of legal protection so our attorneys will need to prove the injuries and sift through the legal issues associated with a personal injury lawsuit against a MD nursing home.

Contact Our Maryland Nursing Home Malpractice Lawyers

The team of Baltimore, Maryland nursing home malpractice attorneys on our team can be reached here via email. We charge no fees if we do not recover for you and or case examinations are free.

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