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Your work, career and your profession are your livelihood, your means to provide for your family and with that can also add a tremendous amount of mental stress to your life. Unexpected, traumatic or out of the ordinary events that occur in the work environment can further add to the stress and mental anguish. With that, stress related disorders can disrupt your ability to perform your job properly and effectively. Mental illnesses, mental disorders, syndromes and mental injuries have become widely accepted by the medical community as viable obstacles that can hinder ones work performance in recent years. Consequently, obtaining benefits for employees and nursing home residents suffering from a mental disorder has become less difficult. This is provided the injury was directly related to their job. This is not to say that it is easy to qualify for work injury benefits. There is a process that one must go through to qualify for work injury benefits in Maryland. There are also specific criteria that must be met. What can help you navigate through this process is having an experienced Maryland Work Related Mental Injury Attorney on your side. Working with a Baltimore nursing home abuse lawyers is very beneficial as they will help you accurately determine the true monetary value of your claim based on the extent and origin of your mental injury. They will take into consideration factors such as lost wages, both current & future medical expenses and pain & suffering. For help in getting the benefits you are entitled to contact our Maryland nursing home mental injury lawyers.

With many years experience practicing nursing home laws and workers’ comp law we have honed our skills and are very skilled personal injury litigators. Over the years our Towson, MD mental injury lawyers have helped countless numbers of clients obtain the fair & just compensation they are entitled to for physical and mental injuries experienced in the workplace. The Rockville, Maryland nursing home mental injury lawyers at our firm will focus their efforts on handling all of the legal & administrative details of your case.  This affords you peace of mind and allows you to make getting healthy your top priority. 

Mental Injury Classifications 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Anxiety Disorders

Mental Disability Groups

Mental disorders are grouped into 3 primary groups based on their etiology, or origin. Their classification and origin are directly related to events leading up to sustaining the mental injury as well as how the injury manifested itself. Each are outlined below:

Physical-Mental Disabilty Claims

Physical-Mental Disability Disorders occur when an employee develops a mental disorder, such as depression, as a direct result of a work related physical injury. An example would be if someone became depressed after sustaining a debilitating back injury at work.

Mental-Physical Disability Claims

Mental-Physical Injuries arise when a mental stimulus at work manifests itself as a physical injury. An example would be a worker suffering a heart attack during a stressful work related situation i.e. being held hostage or being held at gunpoint while working.

Mental Mental Disability Claims

Mental-Mental Injury cases involve scenarios where a mental stimulus in the workplace causes a mental injury. An example would be the inability to return to work after witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event due to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS)

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