Malnutrition Injury

MD Nursing Home Malnutrition Injury Lawsuits  

malnutrition injury

Malnutrition is a very serious condition stemming from Inadequate food intake or insufficient ingestion of nutrients. Even if ample quantities of food is taken in, but the type of foods are incorrect, the diet may be unbalanced and malnutrition can still be the ultimate result. Malnutrition can impact the body, its functioning and its systems on many levels such as hormonal, mental and physical. An elderly, or disabled, person suffering from malnutrition due to nursing home neglect or assisted living home negligence may endure extremely severe and dire health consequences. If a loved one has become malnourished due to negligence on the part of a nursing home and-or its staff members in Maryland it behooves you to speak with a skilled Malnutrition Injury Attorney Serving all of Maryland.

You are more than welcome to contact our Annapolis, Maryland nursing home negligence attorneys if a loved one has been neglected, harmed or abused in a Maryland Nursing Home, Assisted Living Home or Convalescent Facility. You can email our Rockville, Maryland Malnutrition Injury Lawyers by clicking here. We focus our practice on nursing home and assisted living home malpractice litigation and will fight tenaciously to get your loved ones the full, fair and just compensation they rightfully deserve. Our skilled nursing facility injury lawyers have a long standing track record of obtaining favorable settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Causes Of Maryland Malnutrition Injury Cases

An elderly person is at an increased risk for malnutrition because of physiologic changes of aging. Many people over age 65 have a decreased ability to produce stomach acid, which hinders absorption of many important nutrients, such as folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, and calcium. A diminished sense of taste and smell make food less appealing, and dental problems can make mastication (chewing) difficult. They may also have difficulty swallowing. Sometimes a feeding tube needs to be inserted to get nutrition when eating and swallowing are difficult.  

Someone residing in a Nursing Home, Maryland Assisted Living Facility Home does not possess the life skills, cognitive function or mental faculties to live independently. Their physical and mental condition mandates that they have around the clock care, monitoring and supervision. They may not receive the level of care they require due to nursing homes, assisted living homes and convalescent facilities in Maryland being  understaffed under staffed. These facilities may also have undertrained staff or poor patient monitoring practices. Each of these can lead to patient neglect as well as a subpar standard of care. This can make your loved ones may susceptible to many types of injuries, abuse or neglect. If you feel that your loved one is malnourished you should contact a Baltimore, Maryland nursing home abuse attorney handling malnutrition claims.

Signs And Complications Of Malnutrition In The Elderly

As taste, smell and appetite decrease in old age malnutrition is an ever present threat to the elderly. As residents of a Maryland  nursing home it is the responsibility of the staff to ensure that your loved ones are given their meals and receive adequate nutrient intake. Malnutrition, just like dehydration, is preventable. Any changes in a patient’s appetite should be brought to the attention of a qualified medical professional. Signs of malnutrition can include:

Rapid weight loss

Loss of strength


Constant illness

Compromised immune system

Decreased albumin and pre-albumin levels (provided patient is adequately hydrated)

Malnutrition in the elderly have can cause severe, and life threatening, consequences if left untreated. These include:

Increased risk of infection

Slowed wound healing

Impaired respiratory function

Muscle weakness

Impaired cognitive and mental function


Organ Failure


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You, and your loved ones, may be entitled to benefits and compensation according to Maryland nursing home injury laws, codes and statutes. Contact our Germantown, Maryland nursing home negligence attorneys to discuss your Maryland Nursing Home Malnutrition claim. You can email our team of Annapolis Maryland Malnutrition Injury Attorneys here. We possess several decades experience successfully handling personal injury claims, nursing home abuse claims and premises liability injury cases throughout Maryland. Our Upper Marlboro, Maryland nursing home abuse lawyers handle personal injury, auto accident and nursing home abuse cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we charge nothing unless we recovers on your behalf.