Breach Of Contract

breach of contract

When a loved one enters into a nursing home there is a contract, which is a legally binding legal document, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each party. In terms of the nursing home or long term care facility they agree to provide your loved one with appropriate medical care, maintain their bodily health and hygiene and stimulate them emotionally, physically and mentally when needed. if a loved has been injured in a Maryland nursing home you may be able to seek legal recourse by filing a breach of contract lawsuit.

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Breach Of Contract Lawsuits

In Maryland you can file a lawsuit against a nursing home, their parent company or their if they do anything to breach the agreement signed by your loved one entering the nursing home. Having said that there have to be damages, injury, economic or financial losses associated with breaking the legally binding agreement. These can be in the form of physical injury, emotional or mental injury, sexual abuse, acquired infections, medical malpractice, elder abuse or financial exploitation of a resident with Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other cognitive disorder.

Benefits In MD Breach Of Contract Claims

If you have legal grounds to file a breach of contract lawsuits against a Maryland nursing home you and or your loved one may be entitled to financial compensation for pain, suffering and financial losses. Medical benefits can also be obtained if the breach of contract resulted in a lowered standard of care, physical injuries, etc. In some cases the children or siblings of the victim can obtain lost wage compensation, travel expense reimbursement as well as pain and suffering compensation.

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